Tuesday, December 12

Practical Theology

It's been the longest break in SFT posting since inception. May be something to do with a) new job b) new house and c) new baby (her blog is running nicely though!).

I was speaking at a youth event the other week and before I spoke I was asked a few interview questions. One of them was "if you were a kitchen implement what would you be and why?". My on-the-spot answer was "a whisk - because I like stirring things up", but my wife said I should have answered "microwave". It seems she has noticed that I want everything to go "bing" and happen NOW!

Having spent a lot of time in the last couple of years thinking and theorising I am now doing my best to put some of it into practise. This can be quite frustrating. It's more a slow-cooker than a microwave. Sometimes I even have to check the slow-cooker is plugged in. As a result I think the direction of SFT may shift more towards practical theology and less theory. I'm sure that's a good thing, but I don't quite know where to start - I reckon I've probably got 5 years' worth of ideas already (and they keep coming)!

So here's a list of what's on the top of the messy pile that is my mind these days (I think I'll post in more detail on these over the next week or so):

1. Building an authentic community of worship and discipleship which genuinely involves all ages
2. A new kind of prayer life, Ignatian-stylee
3. Developing a personal vision statement
4. Trying to be a good youth pastor, but maybe not a great 'youthworker'
5. Church and the arts

Anyone who knows me will know that that's an abbreviated list!

Thanks for checking back here from time to time. I'm looking forward to some more conversation soon...



Blogger lynn said...

Would recommend a book on number 1 called Reconnecting the Generations by Daphne Kirk.

I'd pass it to you to have a look at via the network of people we know in common but I haven't got it back yet from my Senior Pastor (he's had it for a year)

It's a short book and you may not agree with everything in it but it's a worth a read.

I use the author's kids discipleship course too. Her material is well worth a look.

12/16/2006 10:52:00 pm  
Blogger Jamie said...

Thanks Lynn - I've come across Daphne Kirk's stuff a few times. Haven't read it yet so I'd appreciate the loan (if you can claw it back from your pastor!)

No need to go through the "network of people" - let's meet up and chat about this stuff.

12/18/2006 11:56:00 am  
Blogger lynn said...

Hello - sorry - have only just read this comment.

Shall get your contact details via the beardy Pete.

1/04/2007 11:54:00 pm  

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